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Twitter Follow Friday Suggestions July 2, 2010

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I’ve been a bit behind in doing Follow Friday recommendations lately. It’s time to rectify that! Here is today’s list of Twitter-ites that you should follow and the reasons I love them and what they have to say:

@queenofspain and @aaronvest – Listening to these two is like living with them. They are a real couple fighting battles that everyone is familiar with. They love each other and their kids. They have a shared sense of humor that will make you snort. They are two of the bravest people I know. Follow them.

@shashib – We’ve been here before. He’s just amazing. Follow him if you want to learn what’s what in social media.

@egoldstein and @amplifytheweb -Eric runs Amplify, my newest online addiction. A great site for sharing, commenting, and connecting about web content. Eric is involved in not just the site development, but also the community as well.

@jodijodijodi @leighdow @allroses @chrysohara @gawthrok @spellwight @godaddy @MightyMommy and way too many more for making Wednesday’s #smdayphx so much fun to attend!

@einsteintech for being willing to consider making his great OneNote addin (OneNote calendar) work with the most recent version.

@ehorley @mrexcel and all the other new and renewed Microsoft MVPS

You are all MVPs in my world. Keep rocking the great content!

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