Feb 07

Las Palmas Computer Club Blogs Presentation

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Welcome Las Palmas! They are sitting out there watching me give a presentation on blogs as part of the AZACC presentation tour. They are located in Mesa. (By the way, the presentation is being done over Skype. Cool, huh?)

One of the things I am demoing to each group is how easy it is to post a new blog post. All I have done is create a post in OneNote and copy the text over to my blog post screen. We have also visited some sites and diagnosed Skype problems this morning. Fun with audio really made our morning!

When the presentation is all done, I am hoping that one or more of them will comment and let us know what they thought of the presentation.

There were about 40 people in the audience for this session. If you have a blog you want to share with them, feel free to comment below!

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  1. Bruce Jacobs

    It looks like there is an area you can access called lifestream http://lifestream.aol.com/

    Not sure I would go this way. It looks very limited, not like a real blog. Probably no themes and designed to be simple rather than flexible. Perhaps for paid customers there is a version that is more robust. I set one up as a test http://lifestream.aol.com/stream/brucedjacobs

    Knowing AOL as a former customer, they may have several blog systems available to paying customers. If I still had a paid account, I would try keyword blog and see what showed up.

    The other concern is if AOL drops the feature. My gut feeling (no edvidence) is that being dropped or massively changed without warning is more likely to happen here than most places.

    If you are really interested in persuing this let me know and I can persue this further. It is the type of research I would charge a small fee to do however.

  2. Gene

    Thank you for a very interesting presentation. After I got home, I googled “How to make a blog” and found a good site that gave step-by-step instructions. It recommends a hosting site, as well. I’m wondering, though, if I can use AOL for my blog. Any suggestions?

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