Feb 08

Viewpoint Computer Club

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Great people working hard at ViewpointWelcome Viewpoint Computer Club! They are sitting out there watching me give a presentation on blogs as part of the AZACC presentation tour. They are located in Mesa. (By the way, the presentation is being done over Skype. Cool, huh?)

One of the things I am demoing to each group is how easy it is to post a new blog post. All I have done is create a post in OneNote and copy the text over to my blog post screen.

One of the unique things about Viewpoint is that my Aunt (OK bruce’s aunt) lives there. We don’t get there often enough, but we think about her all the tim.

When the presentation is all done, I am hoping that one or more of them will comment and let us know what they thought of the presentation.

There were 58 people in the audience for this session. If you have a blog you want to share with them, feel free to comment below!

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