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Name: Kathy Jacobs
Date registered: October 18, 2009


Welcome to Vitamin CH. I love to read your comments and will respond as best I can. I am a community and social media geek. I love connecting with people. As for software, my loves are OneNote, SnagIt, Jing, Camtasia, and a few others. (Read my writings and you can guess which.) You can find me just about anywhere on the web as CallKathy.

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  2. Why we are leaving Arizona — March 17, 2012
  3. Getting ready for #MVP12 — February 26, 2012
  4. Tucson Computer Society Presentation — February 20, 2012
  5. Saddlebrooke Computer Club Presentation — February 20, 2012

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May 12

ASCIi User group presentation on blogs


TweetWelcome ASCIi (my former group)!  They are sitting out there watching me give a presentation on blogs as part of the  AZACC presentation tour. They are located in Central Phoenix. (By the way, the presentation is being done over Skype. Cool, huh?) One of the things I am demoing to each group is how easy …

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Mar 17

Why we are leaving Arizona

Tweet  For the last few months our primary income has been Kathy’s unemployment checks. Because of red tape issues, we had to file unemployment through California. As you go through the weeks of getting benefits every so often you reach another weekly limit. For example: When you go from extension 1 to extension 2, California …

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Feb 26

Getting ready for #MVP12

Tweet  Tomorrow morning, I fly to Seattle for this year’s MVP Summit. For the week, I will be enjoying talking with and connecting to the people I never see. Playing around with things I can’t talk about. Sharing stories. Having a blast. Exhausting myself. The MVP Summit is sponsored by Microsoft every spring as a …

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