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Mar 17

Why we are leaving Arizona

Tweet  For the last few months our primary income has been Kathy‚Äôs unemployment checks. Because of red tape issues, we had to file unemployment through California. As you go through the weeks of getting benefits every so often you reach another weekly limit. For example: When you go from extension 1 to extension 2, California …

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Nov 16

Geeks in Arizona rock!

Tweet We have been having problems getting some of the big companies in Arizona to support PodCampAZ this year. We are less than a week away and were worried about how we would be able to keep the conference free. In the last day or so, we have lost one big sponsor and gained enough …

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Oct 12

Our geeks are better than yours

TweetTo quote @spellwight’s wonderful PodCampAZ song: Podcamp brings all the geeks to the yard, And they’re like It’s better than yours, Damn right it’s better than yours, It can teach you, But you need to go (By the way: You can find the full song in the PodCampAZ Facebook notes) PodCampAZ 2010 is going to …

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