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Feb 02

Passion makes the difference

Tweet Passion is often the difference between a successful community and one that dies. Passion from the community manager. Passion from the community members. Too often, that passion gets hidden at the times when the community manager most needs to show it: During the regular interactions with the members of the community. During those daily …

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Aug 08

Online Communities gaining more interest… another great piece from @Communitygirl

Tweet Online communities are a great way to create a place for your customers and clients to connect, ask you questions, share information with each other, and gather knowledge for the future. Angela Connor put forth a great piece about how more companies are starting to pull their communities into a space they control instead …

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Jun 30

The more things change

TweetThe more things change in life, the more we grow to appreciate what we have. Our loved ones, our communities, a regular paycheck, our health. All things we take for granted. But when one piece goes away, what happens? Two weeks ago, my position with The Social Media Party went away. I was let go …

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