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Aug 24

Community Manager Duties and Salaries

TweetA user over on Quora recently asked about a salaries for community managers. I have posted my answer at http://qr.ae/KnS, but I want to expand  in my answer. Community Manager can mean so many things to so many people. I want to share what I believe is important when picking your Community Manager. In today’s …

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Jul 20

From @lucretiaPruitt’s Blog: @flyfrontier, you’re doing it right!

Tweet Always love to hear stories of companies that not only get social media, but get that it is just the first step to connecting with their customers. If you need a “feel good” boost today, read the whole article. (Oh, and if you aren’t reading TheSocialJoint.com regularly… start. It’s really great. So is @lucretiapruitt) …

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Oct 27

Clear Your Skype History

TweetI love Skype. It lets me sit in one place and talk with people in another place. Whether the person I need to talk with is in the other room or in another country, it doesn’t matter. It just works. That said, there is one thing about Skype that bothers me. By default, Skype saves …

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