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Aug 05

Don’t just change your words – Change your actions

TweetAs Bruce and I have been looking for work and clients, we’ve noticed that those posting ads for social media work are changing the words they use. They ask for people who can help with Twitter accounts. For people who can create great Facebook pages. For people who can “bring the conversation to our site”. …

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Aug 04

I can’t beat the title on this one: “Unbroken” or “Fixed”?

Tweet Many times, people unbreak things but don’t ever get around to fixing them. If you aren’t fixing your site or software or product so that the average user can navigate and use it, you haven’t fixed it. You have just made it work. There is a HUGE difference.

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Jul 18

From @sernovitz and the dammiwish blog… You need personality

Tweet Read the tag. Then think if there is a way your business could add humor to its offerings. I promise, people will remember a good joke longer than a serious tag line. Not only that, they will talk about it. (Want to order a shirt from TopGear? Check the link in the amplify.) Amplify’d …

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