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Aug 18

But it isn’t quite backwards… (Yesterday’s xkcd)

Tweet The question is: Do they read backwards or just top to bottom? (PS: Check the site for the alt text… It is well worth the visit…) Amplify’d from xkcd.com Ahead Stop See more at xkcd.com   See this Amp at http://bit.ly/9IxWyR

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Jul 29

Tuesday’s @xkcd for your Thursday evening giggles

Tweet Realistic Frogger… For those who want more realism in their old-style gaming. Amplify’d from xkcd.com A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Frogger See more at xkcd.com   See this Amp at http://bit.ly/b80VGr

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Jul 15

xkcd remembers one of my heroes…

Tweet Whether it is cool or not, I am proud to admit that Mr. Rogers has always been one of my heroes. My dad worked on the Soapbox Derby with him when I was a kid. He was as real and genuine as he seemed on TV. He was a man ahead of his time. …

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