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Dec 24

The naughty or nice list? xkcd tells you how to tell which you are on!

Tweet Dedicated to all the Linux sysadmins out there working away. Just in time for Christmas, xkcd tells you how to know which list Santa is putting you on! For the true geek, check out the mouseover text: He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he’s copied on /var/spool/mail/root, so be …

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Nov 05

Chair spinning – Every nerd’s office olympic sport (HT: @xkcd)

Tweet What’s the fastest you ever spun your office chair? Ever spun fast enough to negate Mu? For me, how well a chair spins is actually important – you never know when you need to get away from the desk quickly Amplify’d from xkcd.com Mu See more at xkcd.com   See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/emys

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Aug 18

But it isn’t quite backwards… (Yesterday’s xkcd)

Tweet The question is: Do they read backwards or just top to bottom? (PS: Check the site for the alt text… It is well worth the visit…) Amplify’d from xkcd.com Ahead Stop See more at xkcd.com   See this Amp at http://bit.ly/9IxWyR

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