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Sep 08

Not getting what you expect from Google Instant Search?

TweetThe technology and web worlds are full of the news today: Google has gone instant! Search as you type. See your results as you type. See the common search phrases as you type. Awesome, huh? Well, as a user, I am not sure I am finding it so awesome. When @Mindlessfluff started playing with the …

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Aug 25

Getting started in Community Management

Tweet In response to the post I wrote on Job Qualifications and Salaries for Community Managers, I was asked on Miio what I would recommend someone do to get started in the Community Management field. Here are some ideas to get you started. The place you start is where the conversation is. I firmly believe …

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Aug 06

Amplify lists and keep the numbering right

TweetAmplify user Dave Yank mentioned this morning that he wanted to be able to include lists in his Amp’ed content, but that he wanted the numbering to be continuous instead of starting over at one for each item. This is possible (and fairly easy) – once you know the trick.

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