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Jun 19

Father’s Day

TweetAs my parents get older, they don’t need things. It gets harder and harder to buy them presents. This year, I wanted my Dad to know that I appreciate what he has done for me and meant to me. My Dad is an engineer. His dad was one too (even if he didn’t have the …

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Feb 28

Bill Dilworth’s Top Travel Tips

TweetThe following is a guest post from Bill Dilworth. Bill is a former PowerPoint MVP, a VERY frequent traveler, and a great guy all the way around. In fact, Bill travels enough to be in the top class for Frequent Flyer miles for two major airlines. I hope you find his tips as useful as …

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Nov 23

14 Days of Travel

4 days, 2 airlines, 3 hotels. How they treated us decided who gets return business and who doesn’t.

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